Combat the “What do we do next?” question about Memory Cafe activities with carefully selected products from Occupational Therapists! One of the most common challenges I hear about from facilitators (and participants for that matter!) is how to keep their Memory Cafe activities segment fresh, stimulating, and well, fun! It is good to continue to [...]

10 Exercises and Physical Activity for People with Dementia Guest Contributor: Jean Deruiter   Dementia is a progressive disease that affects the brain. To be specific, it impacts the person’s memory, language, and other behaviors. Having a loved one who has dementia is difficult to cope with. But there are small lifestyle changes that your [...]

Memory Cafe activities are important components of a rich and rewarding Memory Cafe experience. A Dementia Activity System can help in that regard. The magic comes from the shared experiences in a safe and supportive environment – shared between family, friends, and most importantly, individuals living with dementia and other cognitive challenges. While this has [...]