The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver By Miriam Green  Reflections from Israel I live in Beer Sheva, Israel, in the Negev Desert, a small city of about 220,000. My immediate community consists mostly of other English speakers. I am always proud to say that we practice Abraham’s Hospitality here, inviting into [...]

Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter’s Caregiving Journal By Sue Anne W. Kirkham How It All began It was late October when my husband, Jack, and I showed up at my father and stepmother’s townhouse to walk their two dogs—a duty we’d taken on several months earlier, after they announced they no longer felt up to the [...]

Books and Reading Programs for Older Adults Reviving Minds and Voices There are many dementia-related products on the market today; many of which are very appropriate for Memory Cafe participants. They range from medication organizers, to physical safety products and everything in between. In many cases, the benefits come to both those living with dementia along with [...]