Guest Contributor: Angela George We know how important physical exercise is to keep the human body healthy and safe from developing diseases. It provides strength, improves functionality, and overall quality of life. Similarly, brain exercises keep the mind healthy. It helps the brain focus, benefit in functionality, and boost memory. Brain Exercises are Important at [...]

Guest Contributor: Michael Dehoyos The term “Memory Care” is often associated with a special place for someone with memory loss. However, for today, it is the the type of activities in which we can participate to nurture, strengthen, and take the best possible care of ourselves to support a strong set of memories. Whether it’s [...]

First Volume Available! Science tells us recalling trivia or having our memories “jogged” reassembles fragments of recollections stored in multiple parts of the brain. Recalling a memory is like assembling the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. That sounds like the perfect Memory Cafe Activity! When our brains are done with that memory, we put it [...]