Alternative Ways for Caregivers to Help Those With Dementia Submitted by Guest Contributor: Amanda Winstead To be a caregiver is both a privilege and a challenge, a sober responsibility and, at times, an impossibly heavy burden. This can be particularly true when the one you are caring for has dementia. If they are a close [...]

9 Fun Activities for Mobility-Limited Seniors Guest Contributor: Lauren Groff It can be frustrating for seniors to find their mobility isn’t what it used to be. Almost every senior person encounters the issue of limited mobility at some point and can cause significant mental and physical issues if left unchecked. Mobility is typically reduced due [...]

Memory Cafe activities are important components of a rich and rewarding Memory Cafe experience. A Dementia Activity System can help in that regard. The magic comes from the shared experiences in a safe and supportive environment – shared between family, friends, and most importantly, individuals living with dementia and other cognitive challenges. While this has [...]