6 Best Strategies for Dealing with Dementia Submitted by Carol Williams Dementia is a significant problem, affecting an increasing number of people. The neurocognitive disorder is associated with progressive deterioration of cognitive functions, affecting someone’s ability to perform daily activities. However, individuals with dementia still need an excellent quality of life, and you can help [...]

9 Fun Activities for Mobility-Limited Seniors Guest Contributor: Lauren Groff It can be frustrating for seniors to find their mobility isn’t what it used to be. Almost every senior person encounters the issue of limited mobility at some point and can cause significant mental and physical issues if left unchecked. Mobility is typically reduced due [...]

Guest Contributor: Angela George We know how important physical exercise is to keep the human body healthy and safe from developing diseases. It provides strength, improves functionality, and overall quality of life. Similarly, brain exercises keep the mind healthy. It helps the brain focus, benefit in functionality, and boost memory. Brain Exercises are Important at [...]