Leon Collier

How to Maintain Friendships During Dementia Caregiving Submitted by Guest Contributor: Leon Collier As one writer put it, there is no universal formula for expressing compassion to another person. Every situation is unique and demands a unique approach. Caring for people with dementia and other mental diseases that affect their daily functioning is difficult. In [...]

We’ve all been there; the headaches, lethargy, and forgetfulness of having our brain develop a case of dementia. It’s not fun losing your memory just like that, but “senior moments” are only inevitable with age. When our memory lacks, we lose part of who we are. The good news is, there are ways to fight back.

How Sleep Makes Our Memory Better or Worse Submitted by Guest Contributor Leon Collier   For over 100 years, researchers and scientists have sought to understand the relationship between sleep and memory. They all agree through different studies that memory consolidation – which is the process of keeping vital memories and discarding information that is [...]

Guest Contributor: Leon Collier Most people want to live a long life where they meet their grandchildren or great-grandchildren even. However, the journey towards old age isn’t as smooth as most people would like. With the rise in age comes forgetfulness. You might begin to have trouble remembering people’s names. You start to find it [...]