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Hiring a Caregiving Support Consultant

Hiring a Caregiving Support Consultant isn’t the first thing we think about when faced with an unexpected Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia diagnosis. In fact, this includes any sort of caregiving responsibility you might acquire. In many ways though, it should be. The challenge is that it isn’t easy to know how to select a [...]

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Books and Reading Programs for Older Adults Reviving Minds and Voices Updated with new Memory Cafe bundle. See below! There are many dementia-related products on the market today; many of which are very appropriate for Memory Cafe participants. They range from daily activities support like KalendarKards, to medication organizers, to physical safety products. In many [...]

Here at KalendarKards, when we launched our Memory Support System, we learned about Memory Cafes and were immediately smitten with the concept! They provide immense value to those living with Dementia along with their care partners. If you’re new to the concept, you can learn more about Memory Cafes here. While we found plenty of [...]

What's the Deal with Caregiving by Chris MacLellan

Through his book, “What’s the Deal With Caregiving?” Chris MacLellan (The Bow Tie Guy) shares valuable, first-hand perspectives about the caregiving journey – from beginning, to end, to beyond. Chris MacLellan’s book, “What’s the Deal with Caregiving” (available on Amazon) is a perfect way for us at Memory Cafe Directory to share the passion we [...]

Dementia Care by the Letters Memory Cafe Directory

TL;DR – Using every letter of the alphabet, this multi-faceted guide provides helpful caregiving perspectives for all of us, but especially for family caregivers and the herculean responsibilities they shoulder every day. This is for you. Life Isn’t Easy It’s hard to lead with something that isn’t an upbeat thought. I hope “Life Isn’t Easy” doesn’t [...]

How to Start a Memory Cafe

If you’re reading this, you know the value Memory Cafes hold for individuals living with Dementia, whether it’s the Alzheimer’s type or any of the others. You also know the value Memory Cafe outings hold for those acting in a caregiver role, enabling a shared experience in a Dementia-friendly setting – but how to start [...]

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Memory Cafe Directory is brought to you by KalendarKards Memory Support System