Media Coverage: A Memory Cafe Guide

Memory Cafe Directory is a very valuable resource for individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease or any other Dementia.


Over 10,000 people visit each month looking for Memory Cafes near them or online. Thank you all for sharing this with your family, friends, and colleagues. They all benefit from this valuable resource.

Memory Cafe Directory Video Coverage

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Lori La Bey hosts a panel discussion with representatives from Glenner Care in Chula Vista, California, Central Queensland University in Australia, and Memory Cafe Directory. Learn more about the flexibility we all exhibited through the COVID-19 challenges.

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

JF&CS in Waltham, MA produced this wonderful introduction to Memory Cafes. It is just one minute in duration, but shows the deep benefits that come with Memory Cafe activities. Memory Cafe Directory is proudly shown right at the end as a way for find Memory Cafes globally.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Bobbi Newman and Angela Meyers of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, produced this webinar called “Memory Cafes and Libraries: The Perfect Fit.” Memory Cafe Directory is cited not just as a way to find Memory Cafes, but a valuable place to start when learning about them.


  • All Things Seniors, hosted by Rafiq Punjani. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

Memory Cafe Reading List

In addition to finding a Memory Cafe near you, Memory Cafe Directory is becoming a centralized source of valuable information. A growing list of online media outlets are writing about Memory Cafes and citing Memory Cafe Directory in their articles. As a result, this is becoming quite the reading list!

Media can be everything from TV News coverage, to an individual’s blog. With such a growing collection of articles talking about Memory Cafes – and where to find them – this list should help all of us keep up with the growing interest in Memory Cafes!

Help us Grow This Great Reading List!

Let us know if you’ve seen Memory Cafe Directory covered in other news articles. We’ll add it to the list. As this list grows, it becomes a greater and greater resource for Dementia Caregivers.

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