Self Care

9 Reasons To Join A Caregiver Support Group Guest Contributor: Emily Henry   As a caregiver to an older parent or loved one, you’re balancing your own life and responsibilities with that of caring for that person’s needs. It can take a toll on anyone, and many carers report feeling isolated and stressed while doing [...]

11 Tips on How to Manage Care for your Loved One with Dementia Submitted by Guest Contributor: VerifyCare Team Alzheimer’s and related dementias change your loved one’s thinking, reasoning, and memory. As their dementia progresses, your loved one will be more dependent on you or others for daily tasks such as eating or bathing. Everyday [...]

Guest Contributor: Ashley Halsey Caregivers perform a vital role in our homes and communities, and with their numbers steadily increasing, focus has begun to shift to ensuring the wellbeing of these often unsung heroes, and rightly so. Caregivers are often ‘on duty’ permanently, with little to no respite, and are required to provide emotional and [...]