Brain Exercises

We’ve all been there; the headaches, lethargy, and forgetfulness of having our brain develop a case of dementia. It’s not fun losing your memory just like that, but “senior moments” are only inevitable with age. When our memory lacks, we lose part of who we are. The good news is, there are ways to fight back.

Ways to Support Holistic Health in Patients With Dementia Submitted by Guest Contributor: Amanda Winstead As a dementia caregiver, the well-being of your patient or loved one is of utmost importance. Their physical and emotional health may be harmed by this illness. One of the best ways to support them is with a holistic approach [...]

Guest Contributor: Angela George We know how important physical exercise is to keep the human body healthy and safe from developing diseases. It provides strength, improves functionality, and overall quality of life. Similarly, brain exercises keep the mind healthy. It helps the brain focus, benefit in functionality, and boost memory. Brain Exercises are Important at [...]