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Combat the “What do we do next?” question about Memory Cafe activities with carefully selected products from Occupational Therapists!

One of the most common challenges I hear about from facilitators (and participants for that matter!) is how to keep their Memory Cafe activities segment fresh, stimulating, and well, fun! It is good to continue to focus on the things everyone likes, but we all like a little variety as well. Varying the content within those themes will help to keep things interesting.

Of course, not every Memory Cafe focuses on, or even includes, activities as a formal component. That’s the beauty of Memory Cafes – every one is different to accommodate the differing needs of various groups.

For those Memory Cafes who enjoy the interaction and stimulation that comes from a wide range of activities, the struggle to keep things fresh is real. There is always the pressure to come up with new ideas – engaging and beneficial ones and NOT frivolous ways to pass time.

Dabblesack’s OTs to the Rescue

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are trained professionals who treat individuals who might have a wide range of various injuries or disabilities. OTs deliver helpful therapy through carefully selected activities to assist in the development, recovery, and improvement of the activities needed for quality daily living.

For more information about an Occupational Therapist’s specific focus in the dementia community, visit the Dementia Map Glossary.

Dabblesack = OT + ASAP

Dabblesack founders on Memory Cafe Directory

Rebecca and Robyn
Courtesy Dabblesack

Founded by a couple of pretty darn good Occupational Therapists, Dabblesack curates products to help you choose the most valuable and effective activities – and not waste your time, money, and energy on experimenting with ineffective ones.

Dabblesack’s impressive collection of products allow you to get the benefits of an Occupational Therapists’s training any time you need it, just by visiting Dabblesack.

Let’s take a look at what they offer – and give you some ideas for your next Memory Cafe Activity!

Activities Areas And Answers

Let’s start with an overview of the breadth and depth of helpful Memory Cafe activities products Dabblesack offers. Then below, see some wonderfully creative products our friends at Dabblesack have curated that will be sure to keep your Memory Cafe activity segment humming!

Dabblesack Memory Cafe Activities Sampler

Dabblesack Activities Sampler

Arts and Crafts

  • Coloring
  • Large Print Coloring
  • Gripper Pencils
  • Paint by Numbers
  • Water Colors
  • Write and Wipe
  • Stickers


  • Brain Games
  • Physical Activity


  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Stick Puzzles

Much, Much More!

  • Music
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Virtual Party Kits

Whew! Told ya! Just wait until you see some of the great product they offer. Continue below.

Arts and Crafts

Channeling creativity is such a valuable activity – FOR ALL OF US! In recent years, there’s been a groundswell of interest in “Adult Coloring” and the way I look at it, why should the kids have all the fun?

I would be the last person to consider myself artistic, but when I see a wide array of pens or colored pencils, or oil paint tubes, or even the samples at the paint store, I get a child-like excitement over what could be. For me personally, it won’t be very good, but I assure you, I always have fun putting pen to paper!

Coloring, Painting, Yarn, and Stickers!

Whether it’s paint by numbers, coloring with pencils, creating with yarn, or simply applying stickers, we are exercising our brain to create, reminisce, and if you’re like me, simply trying to stay inside the lines! (Of course, staying inside the lines is COMPLETELY optional!)

Dabblesack Paint by Numbers on Memory Cafe Directory

Paint by Number Watercolor set

Dabblesack Easy Grip Colored Pencils on Memory Cafe Directory

Easy-grip Colored Pencils

Dabblesack Yarn Art on Memory Cafe Directory

Yarn Art

Large-Print Coloring Book Set

This is but a very small sample of what Dabblesack has to offer your Memory Cafe artists! Visit them to learn more about all the artistic options available.


When it comes to games, they can be more focused on cognitive exercise, or of course, more physical in nature. We all enjoy the “gamification” of activities and that helps us engage more, and as a result, benefit more. Here’s just a couple to get you started!

Dabblesack Game On kit on Memory Cafe Directory

Game On! kit

Dabblesack Sports Activity kit on Memory Cafe Directory

Sports Activity kit

By now, you’re starting to see just how deep the Dabblesack collection is for your Memory Cafe activities choices. Game ON!


This one is of particular interest to me. There is seldom NOT a jigsaw puzzle spread out on the table in our household. Plus, the daily newspaper’s crossword puzzle gets a really good workout… well, I mean we do. Puzzles are a great way to exercise those gray cells and have some fun at the same time!

Dabblesack 100 piece jigsaw puzzle on Memory Cafe Directory

100 piece jigsaw puzzle

Dabblesack 17 large-piece stick puzzle on Memory Cafe Directory

17-piece large-stick puzzle

Much, Much More!

The fun (and benefits!) just keep on coming. What you’ve seen here is just a sample of the many great Memory Cafe activities you can find at Dabblesack. From music-based activities, to stuffed animals, to a full range of “Virtual Party Kits” you really will find what you need!

Community Service Packages

Dabblesack Community Service on Memory Cafe Directory

Community Service Projects

Dabblesack offers Community Service projects which they feel are so important. They truly give people a feeling of increased self worth and the knowledge that they are contributing and making a difference in the lives of others.

Any of the Community Service packages would be wonderful Memory Cafe group, or individual actvities.

Custom Packages

As if Dabblesack’s expertise surrounding bringing you quality Memory Cafe activities wasn’t enough! They also offer customized solutions if you have a special set of circumstances and would like more of a personalized package.

It is very easy to have Dabblesack create a custom solution for you. Just a few simple steps:

  1. Buy one of the four customized package options
  2. Complete their short questionnaire to tell them more about your needs
  3. Finish your purchase through the normal checkout process
  4. The Dabblesack professionals will customize your package based on your needs

Special Memory Cafe Consultations

The customized solution works great for individual situations and for some basic Memory Cafe applications. If your Memory Cafe has a very unique profile, or if you might want a certain type of customization, you can contact Dabblesack to discuss your needs and they can craft a solution that’s best for you.

For example, your Memory Cafe may want seasonal themed activities, or maybe relating to the summer Olympics, or the Kentucky Derby, or the World Series, or… well… you get the idea. The sky’s the limit!

Be sure to tell them Memory Cafe Directory sent you!

Share the Wealth; Share the Costs

If you happen to facilitate multiple Memory Cafes, you of course can use many of these products in each Memory Cafe. No need to buy duplicates, except at some point you will need to buy more consumables like colored pencils, watercolors, etc.

Better yet, if you have a colleague who facilitates their own Memory Cafe, coordinate your purchases and then share the packages. You can keep your own consumables. However, rotating activity sets to multiple Memory Cafes not only saves costs, but it helps boost variety!

Inspiration then Activation

As you can see, the professionals at Dabblesack can help keep your Memory Cafe activities fresh, interesting, effective, and most importantly, FUN! It is like having an Occupational Therapist on call to give you ideas for your next session.

Get in touch with our friends at Dabblesack to request a special list of items that are not on the website.

Feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it often for your next Memory Cafe activity area. Then, visit our friends at Dabblesack and not worry about what to do next!

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