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Combat the “What do we do next?” question about Memory Cafe activities with carefully selected products from Occupational Therapists! One of the most common challenges I hear about from facilitators (and participants for that matter!) is how to keep their Memory Cafe activities segment fresh, stimulating, and well, fun! It is good to continue to [...]

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11 Tips on How to Manage Care for your Loved One with Dementia Submitted by Guest Contributor: VerifyCare Team Alzheimer’s and related dementias change your loved one’s thinking, reasoning, and memory. As their dementia progresses, your loved one will be more dependent on you or others for daily tasks such as eating or bathing. Everyday [...]

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Memory Cafe activities are important components of a rich and rewarding Memory Cafe experience. A Dementia Activity System can help in that regard. The magic comes from the shared experiences in a safe and supportive environment – shared between family, friends, and most importantly, individuals living with dementia and other cognitive challenges. While this has [...]