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My Life Rearranged: Musings of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

By Susan G. Miller

“Sooner or later, caregiving will touch us all. No one is exempt. A family member, loved one, or friend becomes ill and we step into help, consciously or unconsciously, assuming the role of caregiver.”

  • Imagine coming home from the store and laying your package down, only to find it gone thirty minutes later, nowhere to be found.
  • Imagine looking for your favorite cereal in the morning, not finding it anywhere, and only later when you go to do a load of wash, do you find it.
  • Imagine living with your spouse of many years, only to awaken one day and find he has turned into a child.
  • Imagine thinking you are living in a house of cards, or none of this is real, or perhaps it’s just a dream and you’ll awaken, but it’s not and you don’t.
  • Imagine repeating this scenario over and over again.

From “My Life Rearranged: Musings of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

An Invitation

Please join me, Susan Miller, author, as I share my experience of caring for my husband, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, along with various members over the years.

In my book, I discuss the stages of caregiving, the stressors, moments of joy, anguish and the the privilege of seeing someone through to the end of their journey. This is done with humor, unflinching honesty, and inspiration, as only someone who has walked the walk, can.

From Ordinary Person to Caregiver

I was an ordinary person, perhaps much like you; a wife, mother, corporate trainer, empty nester, and contemplating the joys of retirement down the road. My life was totally rearranged with the diagnosis of my husband’s Alzheimer’s.

After the shock wore off, I had to adjust and quickly adapt to my new role – one that would expand with the disease, and also include, over time, various other family members.

From Caregiver to Author

Suddenly thrust into the role of caregiver, without a roadmap or any directions, I did the only thing I could, at the time, to deal with what life had presented me… I journaled. At one point our neurologist asked me to speak at a convention he was speaking at, and months later, The Alzheimer’s Association also asked me to speak.

Both times, various audience members asked me where they could buy my book, so I continued to write with thoughts of publishing down the road. When my caregiving days were behind me, I started the arduous task of organizing and assembling my thoughts into a book.

I wanted to cover the stages and corresponding roles of caregiving, but knowing how little time caregivers have, I wanted it to be an easy read. Thus, my book is modeled upon the “Hop On, Hop Off Bus” concept that tourists like to use. My book allows the you to pick it up when you want it, put it down, and pick it up again when ready.

This book takes you on a tour of Alzheimer’s, where you select what is relevant to your journey at the time.

Table of Contents “Preview”

Listing the chapters seems to be the best way to share what’s in My Life Rearranged:

Sue Miller at Purple Heart Auxiliary

Susan G. Miller, Author

Section One: Early Stage

  • Chapter 1: Trying to Make Sense of It All
  • Chapter 2: Dealing with Reality and Fallout
  • Chapter 3: Realigning Relationships
  • Chapter 4: Redefining Special Times
  • Chapter 5: Understanding the Impact
  • Chapter 6: Gaining Perspective

Section Two: Middle Stage

  • Chapter 7: Transitioning to Middle Stage
  • Chapter 8: Indicators of Middle Stage
  • Chapter 9: Dealing with The Impact
  • Chapter 10: Partnering with Healthcare Team
  • Chapter 11: Drawing Comfort from Our Relationships
  • Chapter 12: This I Know

Section Three: Final Stage

  • Chapter 13: Transitioning to Final Stage
  • Chapter 14: Pre-Placement Days
  • Chapter 15: Adjustment to Placement
  • Chapter 16: Hospice and Final Days
  • Chapter 17: Finding Tomorrow and New Beginnings


Here are some thoughts from others on why my book is so beneficial to caregivers:

“Because MY LIFE REARRANGED will tug at your heart, touch your soul, inspire you, and help you believe in yourself and your capabilities. And you will identify with it and not feel so alone.”
Lana Wallace

“A stirring book that offers an ideal blend of direction and comfort to fellow caregivers.”
Kirkus Reviews, May 2019

“My Life Rearranged is an incredible recollection of Susan’s journey that provides insight, knowledge, and issues that all caregivers can relate to and learn from. A must-have.”
Susan’s Support Group Members

Closing Thoughts

In the spirit of helping caregivers, and knowing how difficult it is for all who are practicing social distancing and sheltering in place, I would like to let everyone know that I have reduced the price of both versions (paperback & e-copy.)

During this period of our “new reality” I wish all caregivers the very best during these trying and uncharted times. Please not only take care of your loved one, but yourselves as well.

Susan Miller

Susan G Miller Author

Susan G. Miller

Susan G. Miller is the author of My Life Rearranged: Musings of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver (available on Amazon.) She holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development – Counseling. Her experience includes Corporate Trainer & Employee Counselor, being an Outplacement Counselor, and an Ambassador to The Caregiver Connection.

Susan offers support group services for individual readers, through a guide for My Life Rearranged. Contact her via email for information about how to get started.

Recently, she has been a member of a task group for caregivers at the National Quality Forum in Washington D.C. She is an active author and speaker on the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Connect with Susan

Phone: 760.815.0099

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