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Memory Cafe Directory is thrilled to offer a valuable resource for authors and caregivers. The “Guest Author” program shares unique perspectives from authors of books related to dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and caregiving. You could be our next Guest Author!

There are many, many books available about dementia caregiving, so how does a caregiver know which one is right for them? Memory Cafe Directory’s Guest Author program allows caregivers to learn from you – the author – about why you wrote your book, how you approached the writing, to whom it is targeted, and how it might help.

By providing your direct perspectives, caregivers have a much more valuable tool to identify those books that will be especially helpful and valuable. The goal is to provide some background and context, so that prospective readers can easily say, “that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

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Calling Dementia Caregiving Authors!

The guidelines for submitting your Guest Author piece are simple:

  • Article must be unique and not published elsewhere on the Internet
  • Any length is fine, but at least 1,000 words is recommended
  • To make it easy for readers, we’d like to have your book available on Amazon
  • We will of course link to the book, and if you’d like, to your own website and social media accounts

New Feature!

If you have been a guest on an audio or video podcast talking about your book, we’ll embed the episode in your article to give prospective buyers even more information.

You’re welcome to share any additional photos or graphics to which you have the rights to use, that can complement your story. Don’t forget to include all contact information like your website, email, social media, etc. Please include a short bio, along with a professional head shot.

You can submit your Guest Author essay in a Word document, with or without images embedded. If you send the images separately, just indicate where in the essay you would like them to appear.

We reserve the right to make small edits for formatting, spelling, etc. Once published, you will have the ability to review before we promote on social media.

That’s it!

You are welcome to share a link to your Guest Author piece through social media or any other outlet. In fact, it is encouraged! With such a valuable collection of perspectives pertaining to your book, you will want to share that link far and wide to get the most mileage out of it!

Get in touch to share your book’s “backstory” with our visitors to Memory Cafe Directory!

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