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Memory Joggers Volume 7 adds to a growing library of fun Memory Cafe activities. These are activities that help build cognitive strength, one recall at a time.

Visit the Memory Joggers Library to see all available volumes and download your free PDF.

Here’s what you will find in Memory Joggers Volume 7:

  1. You’re just chasing your… tail
  2. No way – that’s a bunch of… baloney
  3. It’s not far, it’s just right around the… corner
  4. Help someone else by paying it… forward
  5. I’m not sure – the jury is still… out
  6. We can figure it out if we just connect the… dots
  7. Whew! That was a close… call
  8. You’ve got to be… kidding
  9. What a coincidence – it’s really a small… world
  10. What a pain in the… neck
  11. That came right out of the… blue
  12. That’s just my two… cents
  13. That was hiding just under the… radar
  14. What a wild idea – just pie in the… sky
  15. Time to throw in the… towel
  16. I guess we see eye to… eye
  17. They’re really off their… rocker
  18. He’s not playing with a full… deck
  19. Don’t be late – you’ll miss the… boat
  20. That’s it – that was the last… straw

Science Based

With each Memory Jogger edition, we like share a link to the benefits science tells us that comes with exercising recall. It’s important to remember (see what I did there?) that the act of recalling facts via a trivia experience is valuable, regardless of the fomat.

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Available on Amazon

With each Memory Jogger edition, I like to share a supporting product that adds to the value of reminiscing and the act of recall.

In this installment, Movie Stars Memory Lane is a different approach since it is not a “puzzle” book. Instead, the recall function is based on stimulating long term memories and fostering conversation about movie stars from the past.

Whether it’s completing the sentence with Memory Joggers or recalling the movies in which a favorite actor performed, memory gets exercised and that’s important!

Enjoy your new Memory Joggers!

More editions are coming soon. Visit the Memory Joggers library often to see the new editions. Better yet, get in touch with us to share your favorite sayings. We have a lot of them we are planning to publish, but we don’t have all of them.

Tell us your favorites and if we don’t already have them on the list, we’ll add them! At least 10 most volumes are planned – and with your help, many, many more!

Thank you for trusting Memory Cafe Directory and for using Memory Joggers!

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