Memory Joggers Volume 3 Now Available

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Another fun group of Memory Joggers is now available! 20 new teasers to help you exercise your loved one’s recall. Visit the Memory Joggers Library to download your free PDF.

Here’s what you will find in Memory Joggers Volume 3:

  1. I heard it through the… grapevine
  2. There’s a method to my… madness
  3. Happy as a… clam
  4. Bite the… bullet
  5. Drastic times call for drastic… measures
  6. Let sleeping dogs… lie
  7. It takes two to… tango
  8. Your guess is as good as… mine
  9. The whole nine… yards
  10. Curiosity killed the… cat
  11. Down to the nitty… gritty
  12. As soon as… possible
  13. Bite off more than you can… chew
  14. A penny saved is a penny… earned
  15. A picture is worth a thousand… words
  16. Take with a grain of… salt
  17. First come, first… served
  18. I’ll keep my fingers… crossed
  19. Once in a blue… moon
  20. Read between the… lines

Based on Science

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Read more about the benefits science tells us that comes with exercising recall. Trivia can be beneficial no matter the form it takes. For example, the book on the right is chocked full of quizzes appropriate for seniors.

Whether it’s completing the sentence with Memory Joggers or being quizzed from a book – the gray cells get exercised and that is what is important!

Have fun with your new Memory Joggers!

Watch for more editions coming soon. Visit the Memory Joggers library often to see the new editions. Better yet, get in touch with us to share your favorite sayings. We have a lot of them we are planning to publish, but we don’t have all of them.

Tell us your favorites and if we don’t already have them on the list, we’ll add them! At least 10 most volumes are planned – and with your help, many, many more!

Thank you for trusting Memory Cafe Directory and for using Memory Joggers!

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