Memory Joggers Volume 2 Now Available

Memory Joggers by Memory Cafe Directory

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Memory Cafe Directory is pleased to release Volume 2 of the FREE Memory Joggers activity! With 20 brand new phrases, you are able to extend the fun. Enjoy this new list here, then visit the Memory Joggers Library to download your free and easy-to-use PDF.

Just released in Volume 2 are:

  • The writing is on the… wall
  • From rags to… riches
  • Sink or… swim
  • Blood is thicker than… water
  • Proud as a… peacock
  • Jog your… memory
  • That was a piece of… cake
  • Don’t beat around the… bush
  • Kill two birds with one… stone
  • Barking up the wrong… tree
  • That costs an arm and a… leg
  • Spur of the… moment
  • Don’t give up the day… job
  • Add insult to… injury
  • Elvis has left the… building
  • Make a long story… short
  • Benefit of the… doubt
  • Don’t cry over spilled… milk
  • Feeling a bit under the… weather
  • Hit the nail on the… head

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Read more about the benefits science tells us that comes with exercising recall. Trivia can be beneficial no matter the form it takes. For example, the book on the right is chocked full of quizzes appropriate for seniors.

Whether it’s completing the sentence with Memory Joggers or being quizzed from a book – the gray cells get exercised and that is what is important!

Have fun with your new Memory Joggers!


Watch for more editions coming soon. Visit the Memory Joggers library often to see the new editions. Better yet, get in touch with us to share your favorite sayings. We have a lot of them we are planning to publish, but we don’t have all of them.

Tell us your favorites and if we don’t already have them on the list, we’ll add them! At least 10 most volumes are planned – and with your help, many, many more!

Thank you for trusting Memory Cafe Directory and for using Memory Joggers!

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