37 Fun and Functional Face Masks

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It’s no secret these are trying times. Just getting to the grocery store is… well… an adventure. As our society begins to open up, the continuation of safe practices is even more important. Protective, fun and functional face masks should be a part of your plan to stay safe.

Fun? Why, yes! Why can’t we have a bit of fun, and maybe be a little stylish, while we protect ourselves and our loved ones?

Fun and Functional Face Masks

Please enjoy this list of 37 face masks that will allow you and your loved one to be safe, while having a bit of fun. All of these are available through Zazzle.com.

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Memory Cafe Directory

You didn’t think we’d miss the chance to share our own Memory Cafe Directory face mask, did you? This has quickly become a popular favorite and for that we are very grateful for your support!

Floral Face Masks

Let’s start with some beautiful floral patterns to focus initially on style.

Face Masks with Subdued Patterns or Colors

With subdued patterns, these can also be very stylish, but as you can see, not too busy.

Face Masks with Animals

There are many of us who are animal-lovers, so why not announce that love of animals with some fun face mask designs.

Feeling Catty?

Feeling for Fido

Animals, Animals, Animals!

Starting with my personal favorite! The penguin is a bird who always dresses for dinner!

Patriotic Face Masks

Something that elicits as much passion from people as animals, is patriotism. This is not meant to become political – don’t even go there. Many people simply want to show their love of country.

Themed Face Masks

The patriotic theme started this off. Not much to say about these themed face masks, except if you align with these, well… you know who you are!

Show Your Love with Hearts

The Bar is Open!

Don’t Talk to Me Until I’ve Had My Coffee!

Having Fun with Face Masks!

Let’s extend the themed masks and go completely off the rails to have some fun. Again, not much needs to be said. You will like these… or you won’t!

Be Safe

We just had some “Face Mask Fun” but the goal is a serious one: be safe and keep your loved ones around you safe as well.


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