260 Fun Memory Activities – Volume 13 Available

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Lucky Number 13!

Yes, there are now 13 Memory Joggers volumes – a total of 260 fun recall memory activities for Memory Cafes, Virtual Memory Cafes, or for use at home.

With release of Volume 13, twenty brand new Memory Joggers are now available! Always a fun Memory Cafe activity. Use them to engage your loved one living with early to mid-stage dementia. They are great activities for the new trend of “Virtual Memory Cafes.” Everyone on the video call can participate.

260 Memory Joggers Now Available!!

Thank you all for the great feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying the Memory Joggers Series. There are many more in the works, so check back often for new editions.

Fun and Healthy Memory Activities

We all love “trivia” games. What better way to exercise our trivia muscles, than with a fun, structured recall game. This is a valuable exercise, based on the science behind short term and long term memory. Learn more about how this fun activity is helping as well!

Perfect Memory Cafe Memory Activity

Visit the Memory Joggers Library for Volume 13 and for the other 12 volumes. These are FREE PDFs you can view online or print off for use in your Memory Cafe (in person or virtual) or just use at home in your spare time.

Memory Joggers Volume 13

  1. That’s just a flash in the… pan
  2. Let’s get down to brass… tacks
  3. That went down like a lead… balloon
  4. That drives me up the… wall
  5. Everything except the kitchen… sink
  6. Be quiet – bite your… tongue
  7. Come hell or high… water
  8. Got up on the wrong side of the… bed
  9. Let’s go back to square… one
  10. Wear your heart on your… sleeve
  11. It’s all Greek to… me
  12. Between a rock and a hard… place
  13. She’s the apple of my… eye
  14. Knock that chip off your… shoulder
  15. A rose by any other… name
  16. Don’t be a back seat… driver
  17. The world is your… oyster
  18. All bark and no… bite
  19. We’re all In the same… boat
  20. That’s just a drop in the… bucket

Science Based

It is important to remind us all of the benefits science tells us that comes with exercising recall. Whether it’s trivia-like recall, or more general activities that cause a “reminiscence” experience, beneficial brain activity takes place.

Enjoy your new Memory Joggers!

More editions are coming soon. Visit the Memory Joggers Library often to see the new editions. Better yet, get in touch with us to share your favorite sayings. We have a lot of them we are planning to publish, but we don’t have all of them, yet.

Tell us your favorites and if we don’t already have them on the list, we’ll add them! Many more volumes are planned!

Thank you for trusting Memory Cafe Directory and for using Memory Joggers!

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