Victoria Simmonds’ Thought Provoking Song About Dementia [Video]

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From Victoria Simmonds: I’m an independent British Indie/Pop/Rock artist and on the 10th of February, 2023 I released my new single “Last Dance in the Rain.” It is the first single I have released since 2021 and hopefully all the hard work will pay off.

During Covid we were unable to do any recording and I don’t think either of us would have been very inspired to anyway.

Dealing with Dementia

The song represents a view of dementia and other neurological disorders that affect memory loss. This song is raw but deals with the aftermath and reality. It is for the people and carers that have watched their loved ones slowly slip away. Everybody is different but there is undoubtedly a change in personality and the loss of memory, which for many this is hard to witness.

The song is filled with thought provoking lyrics which are sung in a truly heartfelt and storytelling manner. While witnessing the loss of a mind before that of the physical body, we are left with questions, worries, but most of all, hope. It is the idea that whilst on the outside the person we knew has somehow disappeared, perhaps wherever their mind is, now is a happy one.

A Personal Inspiration

This comes from my personal experience from my great aunt who in her final years suffered with senile dementia. Luckily she had no idea what was wrong. It was us, her family that were watching.

Each day would differ: the good, the bad. Some days she was totally normal, we would go to visit and it was as if nothing was wrong and you’d think “why is she here?” or “She’s just the same aunt that I’ve always known.” She’d offer up the biscuits in the tin, talk about the flowers, and complain about the nurses in the home.

Nothing new.

Other times we would go in, she would have no idea who we were and be a very different person. Hard to see but you know you are not alone in feeling disheartened, especially when half of us had come from abroad to visit.

They were the worst times.

The advice given by the nurses was always to go away for five minutes and come back, which always worked.

Finally there were the sweet times when she would talk about her family and lots of stories from when she was little. There were also the slightly more delicate times because you’d have to recognise where she was in her head-space and treat her accordingly.

BUT you could see she was really happy because she was thinking about herself as a child. Admittedly she would ask when daddy was coming back but those are easy to handle. “He’ll be back soon.” She was playing and laughing and perhaps “dancing in the rain.” Her song was “I’m 21 today, I’m 21 today, I’ve got the key to the door, I’m 21 today.”

A Song of Coping

This is by no means a happy-go-lucky song. It is a coping song. The vocals are rich and dramatic with edgy frustration and annoyance, long resonant notes of pleading and hope, culminating in soft and calm ending.

I have a history of musical theatre and acting so telling songs about specific and sometimes delicate subjects is something I love to do. In presenting this song, some have mentioned about the line “just a part of growing old” and that they want to undo that stigma. However it is not a statement but more of a question.

I am lucky enough to have two relatives in their 90s that are healthier than many in their 70s. Therefore you could argue “IS this something?” On that subject, I leave it to you to listen and make up your own mind.

Each Song is Unique

In the writing, composing and developing process of my music, each song and subject lends itself to a different style of music, whether that is Rock, Pop, Folk, Soul etc… When reading aloud with a melody in your head you can envisage the song with a rockier, stronger tone to it. This then lent itself to one of my favourite bands, Fleetwood Mac.

Many who have already heard (mainly family members) have commented on how this is a much more “grown-up” performance to other songs I have sung in the past. In some way that is, of course down to life and time itself but it is also due to the subject matter.

At the end of the day, this is a song that I hope not only will people enjoy listening to over and over again, but also a song that that will resonate with people dealing with the same sentiments.

I really hope you do enjoy it and you can always join me on Facebook or Instagram, and get in touch. It is always great to hear from people.

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Victoria Simmonds

Victoria Simmonds is an independent British singer, songwriter and actress. She writes, sings, and produces Indie music and has also performed on both stage and screen around Europe.

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