Listing Updates Summary (March 2022)

Memory Cafe Directory Listing Updates Summary

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Wow! March came and went quickly! In spite of all the updates you see below, I have many more in the backlog. It seems I get 10 completed, and during that time, 9 more come in. I’m not complaining, it’s great to see so many new and updated listings!

If you don’t see your specific update below, don’t worry. I get every submission, and I’m working on them in the order they came in. Thank you all for your patience.

In-Person Listings


  • IL, Buffalo Grove (Buffalo Grove Community Arts Center)
  • IL, Naperville (Naperville Public Library)
  • MA, Dudley (returned after COVID pause)
  • MA, Duxbury (Duxbury Senior Center – HYBRID: online, too!)
  • MA, Huntington
  • MA, Salem (Community Life Center; English speaking)
  • MA, Salem (Spanish friendly!)
  • MA, Swampscott
  • MN, Minneapolis (Giving Voice Chorus)


  • MA, Ashland (on hold due to pandemic)
  • MA, Canton (contact)
  • MA, Concord (on hold due to pandemic)
  • MA, Leominster (on hold due to pandemic)
  • MA, Lexington (on hold due to pandemic)
  • MA, Lincoln (on hold due to pandemic)
  • MA, Nahant (on hold due to pandemic)
  • MA, Wilmington (on hold due to pandemic)


  • MA, Dartmouth
  • MA, Duxbury (Ellison Center for the Arts)
  • MA, Milton
  • MA, Needham
  • MA, Somerville
  • MA, Winthrop
  • TX, Fort Worth (moved to online only)
  • VA, Fairfax (Linda & Lou Mazaney Education & Support Center)
  • VA, Falls Church (Kensington Falls Church at Famille Cafe)
  • VA, Herndon (Herndon Senior Center)
  • VA, Manassas (St. Thomas United Methodist Church)
  • VA, Reston (Reston Community Center)
  • VA, Sterling (Galilee United Methodist Church)

There is a slight increase in the number of deleted entries. Many of these have been on hold due to the pandemic and simply made it permanent. They good new though, is we actually gained two! There were 13 removed, but 15 (in person and virtual) were added! Wonderful!

Virtual Listings on Cafe Connect


  • Club Memory (2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month)
  • Duxbury Senior Center (2nd and 4th Thursday of each month – HYBRID: in person, too!)
  • Fairfax, VA Memory Cafe (3rd Wednesday of each month)
  • Giving Voice Chorus (every Monday of each month)
  • Silverado Memory Cafe (2nd Wednesday of each month)
  • Sterling, VA Memory Cafe (2nd Thursday of each month)

Although pandemic conditions are (SLOWLY!) improving in many areas, there continues to be a large number of pandemic-caused updates. I still have a backlog of updates to make, so watch for another significant list of updates in next month’s Summary.

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Thank you all!


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