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Memory Joggers by Memory Cafe Directory

Memory Cafe Directory is pleased to release Volume 2 of the FREE Memory Joggers activity! With 20 brand new phrases, you are able to extend the fun. Enjoy this new list here, then visit the Memory Joggers Library to download your free and easy-to-use PDF. Just released in Volume 2 are: The writing is on the… [...]

Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter's Caregiving Journal Sue Anne Kirkham Memory Cafe Directory

Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter’s Caregiving Journal By Sue Anne W. Kirkham How It All began It was late October when my husband, Jack, and I showed up at my father and stepmother’s townhouse to walk their two dogs—a duty we’d taken on several months earlier, after they announced they no longer felt up to the [...]

Memory Joggers by Memory Cafe Directory

First Volume Available! Science tells us recalling trivia or having our memories “jogged” reassembles fragments of recollections stored in multiple parts of the brain. Recalling a memory is like assembling the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. That sounds like the perfect Memory Cafe Activity! When our brains are done with that memory, we put it [...]

Live 2 B Healthy

Dementia Exercise Valuable in Fighting Disease We all know the value of exercise. That is stressed to us in all corners of society daily. What we are learning more about recently is the value exercise holds to act as a strategy to fight the potential onset and progression of dementia. Dementia exercise is key. According [...]

Reading 2 Connect Memory Cafe Directory KalendarKards

Books and Reading Programs for Older Adults Reviving Minds and Voices There are many dementia-related products on the market today; many of which are very appropriate for Memory Cafe participants. They range from medication organizers, to physical safety products and everything in between. In many cases, the benefits come to both those living with dementia along with [...]

How to Start a Memory Cafe

If you’re reading this, you know the value Memory Cafes hold for individuals living with Dementia, whether it’s the Alzheimer’s type or any of the others. You also know the value Memory Cafe outings hold for those acting in a caregiver role, enabling a shared experience in a Dementia-friendly setting – but how to start [...]

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