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London-based healthcare market research company Opinion Health, is looking for persons and caregivers of those who have been diagnosed with Pre-Alzheimer’s/mild Alzheimer’s, mild cognitive decline (MCI) or Prodromal Alzheimer’s. They would like to compensate you for sharing your perspectives in a survey.

Their aim is to understand your experiences and journey with these conditions and is open to individuals in the U.S. and Canada.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and participants who qualify would receive either USD$13 or CAD$15 depending on your location.

To see if you qualify to participate in the survey, please answer the following questions. Your responses will be sent directly to Opinion Health. Memory Cafe Directory will not see nor will we capture any of your information.

Good luck!

Opinion Health Survey Application

Opinion Health Survey Application
Are you a patient or a caregiver?
Are you or the person for whom you care undergoing any treatment for this condition?


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