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Memory Cafe Directory is proud to welcome members of Memory Cafe Catalyst!

How You Got Here

If you arrived as a result of reading Debora Tingley’s announcement about her new direction, you know the full story. For others who might be wondering what this is all about, it would make sense to provide a bit of background.

Memory Cafe Catalyst is an online community, bringing together those who support and participate in Memory Cafes. The focus is on the exchange of information and ideas about how to make Memory Cafes the best they can be – not to mention helping to grow the number of Memory Cafe opportunities available in local communities.

Starting to see some similarities with Memory Cafe Directory?

cafe catalyst debora tingley

Dr. Debora Tingley

Memory Cafe Catalyst was started and operated by Debora Tingley, a gerontologist with a passion for supporting those with memory loss. It was a result of her Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University. She also holds a PhD in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

If that wasn’t enough, she has now decided to further expand her gerontological work by returning to school to focus on nutrition and its impacts on cognitive decline.

Why the Welcome?

With her already full plate, and going back for more (see what I did there?) Deborah has made the difficult decision to discontinue Memory Cafe Catalyst and work with me to migrate the community to Memory Cafe Directory.

This collaboration began when I reached out to her to validate what appeared to be a dated listing (something I do routinely throughout Memory Cafe Directory.) As we discussed the updates appropriate for her listings, we began discussing our respective websites and areas of focus.

When Debora learned that Memory Cafe Directory now has nearly 900 listings in 4 countries – and a new focus on Virtual Memory Cafes with CAFE CONNECT, she decided to use that as a new home for her Cafe Catalyst Community.

And I couldn’t be more pleased!

What We Have Begun

We have created a plan to update and revise as needed, all of the wonderful content Debora and the Cafe Catalyst community has created over the years. As suggested by “community” the members of Cafe Catalyst are as active and motivated as Deborah herself.

The perfect addition to Memory Cafe Directory!

The transition has already begun with Debora’s blog post announcement that brought many of you here, along with this welcome page.

Next, Debora will send an email to the Cafe Catalyst community, encouraging everyone to visit and learn more about Memory Cafe Directory. That will also include a recommendation to sign up for the Memory Cafe Directory “Cafe Chatter” monthly email newsletter.

cafe catalyst debora tingley memory cafe directoryFinally, after this communications campaign fully informs the Memory Cafe Catalyst Community of the changes, visitors to the Memory Cafe Catalyst website will be automatically redirected to Memory Cafe Directory.

This transition will be complete by July 1, 2020.

Cafe Catalyst Content Continues

OK, the alliteration might be a bit much, but it’s an important piece of this transition project. It would be a shame to see all the great work created by Debora Tingley and the Cafe Catalyst Community disappear when her website is decommissioned. By refreshing that content and making it available on Memory Cafe Directory, it will live on and benefit an even larger audience.

How You Can Help

The Memory Cafe Catalyst Community has been an active and vibrant group of people with valuable perspectives, opinions, and attitudes. My invitation to you is this:

  • Continue to exhibit that same level of engagement
  • Cast a fresh set of eyes on what we’re doing at Memory Cafe Directory
  • Offer suggestions on what you feel could be improvements to the quality of the site

Thank you for joining the Memory Cafe Directory family. It is an honor to have you become part of our community. Join us as we expand the world’s Memory Cafe footprint and support so many people who benefit from these wonderful dementia-friendly outings.

Thank you, Debora, for placing your trust in Memory Cafe Directory!

Dave Wiederrich
Memory Cafe Directory

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