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Memory Cafe Directory MapMemory Cafe Directory welcomes a wide range of advertisers to extend their brand visibility with us. We reserve the right to limit advertising to those companies offering products and services related to our core focus of caregiving, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, personal care, and health-related topics. However, we do seek to have a valuable blend of products and services represented.

Memory Cafe Directory is the home to hundreds of visitors daily, from all around the U.S. and throughout the world, looking for Memory Cafes in their area. They are seeking the rewarding experience a Memory Cafe offers for caregivers and those living with dementia.

Additionally, many of the Memory Cafe Directory visitors are those looking for a place to share the Memory Cafe they already conduct or attend. Either way, visitors are those who are looking for resources to support a loved one with cognitive challenges.

Ad Specifications

Advertising on Memory Cafe Directory is flexible to accommodate your needs. With varying ad sizes and the ability to select state, regional, or full-site visibility, there is an ad solution for everyone.

Ad Sizes and Placement

  • Ad Group 1: 728 x 90 – top header; center; home page only
  • Ad Group 2: 300 x 250 – left sidebar; top; every page
  • Ad Group 3: 300 x 250 – bottom footer; left; every page
  • Ad Group 4: 728 x 90 – individual state page; after third listing (or end if one/two listings)
  • Ad Group 5: 728 x 90 – other website pages and/or News posts

Digital ad files to be provided by advertiser in either PNG or JPG format with high resolution preferred. See ad size samples at bottom of page.

Ad Visibility

Ads are displayed in Ad Groups, as shown above. Advertising in Ad Groups is available in two categories:

  1. Exclusive. The only ad displayed in that Ad Group. Your ad will display every time the page is visited or when the page is refreshed. This is your advertising real estate for the length of your campaign.
  2. Rotation.  Each Ad Group can have any number of ads in a library, showing a different ad each time the page is visited or when the page is refreshed. These are more cost effective ad choices, since you are sharing that Ad Group’s position with other advertisers.

Ad Campaign Duration

Advertising on Memory Cafe Directory is offered on a one month minimum campaign basis. Advertisers purchasing ads in Rotation (see above) will know how many other advertisers are in the library for each month of the campaign.

Pricing will be adjusted monthly based on the number of ads running in any Ad Group. The higher number of advertisers, the smaller slice of the cost for that Ad Group position.


Ad Group 1: 728 x 90
Top Header; Home Page Only


Ad Group 2: 300 x 250
Left Sidebar; Top; Every Page


Ad Group 3: 300 x 250
Bottom Footer; Left; Every Page

Ad Group 4: 728 x 90 – Individual State Page

March, 2018 Advertising Rates

Beginning March 1, 2018, the following Ad Rates will apply:

Ad Group 1: Header; Home Page $5 per month
Ad Group 2: Left Sidebar; Top; Every Page $15 per month
Ad Group 3: Footer; Every Page $3 per month
Ad Group 4: States/Other Pages $1 per month each

Advertising fees are paid in advance and are for a minimum of 1 month. They are based on recent 30-day traffic numbers. Each Ad Group may have up to 3 ads in a rotation, changing with each page view.

Of the 4,078 site-wide Pageviews, there were 1,342 visits to the Home Page.

Special Offer!

Reserve and pay for your advertising package before March 1, 2018 and receive twice the advertising exposure for the same price. Pay for one month; get two. Pay for three; get six. That’s a “2 for 1” for any ads prepaid for up to 6 months!

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in advertising with Memory Cafe Directory. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together to extend your brand visibility.

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