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KalendarKards Memory Support SystemFounder and Registrar

KalendarKards LLC created and maintains the Memory Cafe Directory. Inspiration came from attending a kickoff event to establish a local Memory Cafe. Although a new concept for most of the participants, it had a powerful impact.

Further research into the Memory Cafe concept found good information, but scattered in many, many locations. It was determined that a centralized, national directory was needed to build awareness, and to fuel continued growth in new Cafes.

KalendarKards Memory Support System helps caregivers who are supporting those with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s or any of the other Dementias. The system uses a very specialized set of playing cards as easy-to-use reminders for everyday tasks and activities. The goal is to help individuals remain in independent in their own homes for as long as possible, and for those who have already transitioned to assisted living, stay active and engaged through these prompts.


We are developing a core team of dedicated and very talented professionals who provide guidance, perspectives on trends, and most importantly, information pertaining to regional Memory Cafe growth. Their vast experience is providing vision and balance while shaping Memory Cafe Directory’s direction.


Memory Guides Advisor Memory Cafe DirectoryMarshall Stanek
Founder and Family Advisor

Memory Guides™

Memory Guides is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, helping individuals caring for loved ones with various forms of memory loss. At no cost to clients, they develop a personal plan, make connections with professionals, and stay along side during the process.

Each of them at Memory Guides has lived through experiences with one common theme: CRISIS with a loved one! Their first-hand experiences help guide families along a difficult path, but use their perspectives to prepare for and where possible, avoid potholes along the road.

One of the many ways they provide support, is through the operation of Memory Cafes in Southern California. Throughout San Diego County, their cafes are offered in a variety of settings, in a nicely varied schedule, allowing maximum participation. You can learn more about their locations in the San Diego County section of the California Memory Cafe Directory page.


Lori LaBey Alzheimer's SpeaksLori La Bey, Founder
Alzheimer’s Speaks


Lori La Bey is the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks resource web site and is the creator and host of the very popular Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio program. Her goal is to “give voice to those afflicted with memory loss and empower them to live purpose-filled lives.”

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Lori advocates for dementia-friendly environments and offers programs to help businesses, communities, and individuals along that path.

Lori La Bey has worked hard promoting Memory Cafes herself. You can learn more about her work in this area on her Alzheimer’s Speaks web site.



Everyone is welcome to submit additions to Memory Cafe Directory or ask to have their listing updated when things change. However, Memory Cafe Directory is seeking professionals who lend their broad vision and experience in senior care, and who want to add substantially and continually to the site.

In addition to contributing substantial amounts of data and listings to the site, we encourage them to act as Memory Cafe Ambassadors in their communities. By sharing Memory Cafe Directory far and wide, they bring yet another valuable resource to those who can benefit.

Watch for this list to grow as Memory Cafe Directory expands.

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